Ordinance Enforcement Procedure - Abandoned Vehicles

The following process is a protocol that the Berrien Township Board of Trustee's has determined to utilize for ordinance enforcement cases. This protocol has been developed to create and maintain communication with the residents of Berrien Township, while preserving each property owner's rights and promptly bringing each case to resolve.

A.     Violation Observed
¨      Violation recorded
¨      Address of violation recorded
¨      Property owners determined
B.     Property Owner Contact
¨      Property owner contacted
-personal contact
-copy of ordinance #31 and business card left at property
(with message to call re: violation)
¨      Advise property owner of violation and recommendation to bring property into compliance
¨      ample time period given to bring property into compliance
C.     Case File
¨         Case file made on property with case number assigned
¨         Case history recorded in file until resolved
D.     Compliance
¨         Compliance in accordance with ordinance, case will be closed
E.      Non-Compliance
¨         Warning notice given to property owner describing violation and
¨         Allotment of time given according to ordinance and compliance Recommendation
¨         Photographs and other pertinent evidence retained
F.      Non-Compliance (Post warning notice)
¨      Property owner summoned into Community Court