Zoning Table of Contents

Ord. No.6
Effective: May 1, 1981

Article One
300.010           Purpose and Limitations
300.011           Title.
300.012           Purpose.
Article Two
300.020           Zoning Districts and Map
300.021           Classification of districts.
300.022           Zoning districts map.
Article Three
300.030           Residential Districts, R-1
300.031           Purpose.
300.032           Property uses.
300.033           Minimum land area: Dwellings.
300.034           Minimum yard requirements.
300.035           Minimum floor area: Dwellings.
300.036           Height of buildings.
Article Four
300.050           Agricultural-Residential Districts, A-R
300.051           Purpose.
300.052           Property uses.
300.053           Minimum land area: Dwellings.
300.054           Minimum yard requirements.
300.055           Minimum floor area: dwellings.
300.056           Height of buildings.
Article Five
300.070           Mobile Homes District, MH
300.071           Location of mobile home parks.
300.072           Regulation of mobile home parks.
300.073           Construction of mobile home parks.
300.074           Operation of mobile parks.
300.075           Non-conforming mobile homes in Berrien Township mobile home parks.
300.076           Location outside of mobile home parks.
Article Six
300.090         Commercial Districts
300.091           Purpose.
300.092           Property uses.
300.093           Minimum land area.
300.094           Minimum yard requirements.
300.095           Minimum floor area.
300.096           Height of buildings.
Article Seven
300.110         Industrial District, I
300.111           Purpose.
300.112           Property uses.
300.113           Minimum land area.
300.114           Minimum yard requirements.
300.115           Minimum floor area.
300.116           Height of buildings.
300.117           Supplemental requirements.
Article Eight
300.130         Supplementary Provisions
300.131           Scope of ordinance.
300.132           Supplementary land and yard provisions.
300.133           Nonconforming uses.
300.134           Nonconforming and substandard buildings and structures.
300.135           Special land uses.
300.136           Water supply and sewage disposal.
300.137           Vehicular parking.
300.138           Junkyards.
300.139           Unlisted property uses and buildings.
300.140           Public utility buildings and structures.
300.141           Signs.
Article Nine
300.170         Administration and Enforcement
300.171           Zoning administration.
300.172           Zoning administrator.
300.173           Certificate of zoning compliance.
Article Ten
300.190         Zoning Board of Appeals
300.191           Creation and membership.
300.192           Powers.
300.193           Procedures.
Article Eleven
300.210         Violations and Enforcement
300.211           Abatement of nuisances.
300.212           Penalty for violation.
Article Twelve
300.220         Definitions
300.221          Accessory building.
300.221A        Broadcast towers.
300.222          Building.
300.223          Zoning administrator.
300.224          Curb level.
300.225          Dwelling.
300.226          Erected.
300.227          Garage, private.
300.228          Garage, public.
300.228A        Gasoline station.
300.229          Height of building.
300.230          Highway.
300.231          Home occupation.
300.231A        Contractors yards.
300.232          Junk.
300.233          Junkyard.
300.234          Lot or premises.
300.235          Lot area.
300.236          Mobile home park.
300.237          Non-conforming use.
300.238          Principal building or use.
300.239          Public utility buildings.
300.240          Roadside market.
300.241          Roadside stand.
300.242          Setback.
300.242A        Small engines.
300.243          Story.
300.244          Structure.
300.245          Tents.
300.246          Township Planning Commission.
300.247          Trailer coach or mobile home.
300.248           Yard.
300.249           Zoning Board of Appeals or Board of Appeals.
300.250           Household appliances.
300.251           Shop for sharpening.
Article Thirteen
300.270         Amendments
300.271           Initiation and amendment procedure.
Article Fourteen
300.280         Planned Unit Development Regulations
300.281           Purpose, intent and objective.
300.282           General requirements for planned unit developments.
300.283           Planned unit development application procedure and approval process.
300.284           Time extensions.
300.285           Phasing and plan changes.
Article Fifteen
300.300         General Provisions
300.301           Validity.
300.302           Savings clause.
300.303           Conflicting ordinances repealed.
300.304           Purpose of catch heads.
300.305           Repeal of prior ordinance.
300.306           Effective date.
                                                                                                                      300.350         Rezoning


An ordinance to provide for establishment of zoning districts within which the proper use of land and natural resources are to be controlled, height, area, site and location of buildings regulated as well as minimum open spaces, sanitation, safety measures and density of population in dwellings; to regulate tents, trailers and mobile homes that may be placed or altered within the Township after the effective date of this Ordinance; to provide for amendment and administration procedures; to provide for the acquisition by purchase, condemnation or other­wise of nonconforming property; to provide for conflicts with other ordinances or regulations; to provide penalties for violations; to provide for petitions, public hearings, and referenda; to provide for appeals; and to provide for the repeal of acts in conflict with this Ordinance.