*Ordinance #6 Residential District, R-1


(Ord. No.6)
300.030           RESIDENTIAL DISTRICTS, R-1
The following provisions shall apply to all Residential Districts, R-1:
(Ord. No.6, Eff. May 1, 1981)
300.031         Purpose.
Sec. 3.01. The purpose of creating Residential Districts, R-l, is to provide areas in the Township dedicated primarily to residential use, with each dwelling located on an individual lot or premises adequate in size and shape to provide safe water and sewage disposal facilities, minimize hazards of spreading fire, and permit setback from the public thoroughfare to facilitate safe exit from and entrance to the premises.
The requirements are intended to protect and stabilize the basic qualities of each district and provide suitable and safe conditions for family living. Each district is established in conformity with existing residential developments, and includes areas in which it appears desirable that such developments presently take place.
Since certain uses of land are generally acceptable as compatible with residential developments, if properly integrated, the inclusion of such uses is provided by Special Approval.
(Ord. No.6, Eff. May 1, 1981)
300.032         Property uses.
Sec. 3.02. Except as provided by Section 8.03 [300.133], no land or premises shall hereafter be used, and no building or structure erected, used or altered for other than any of the following purposes:
3.02A. Primary uses (without special approval).
1.         One-family dwellings, including a private garage with capacity not exceeding three (3) passenger automobiles.
2. Publicly owned and operated parks and playgrounds without buildings.
3.02B Uses by special approval, as provided in section 8.05 [300.1351.
1.         Churches and other buildings of a religious nature, but not including tents or other temporary structures.
2.          Public and private educational institutions, including elementary and high schools.
3.          Publicly owned parks and playgrounds with customary buildings .
4.         Hospitals and clinics for human service.
5.         Community-center buildings.
6.         Swimming pools not operated for profit.
7.         Home occupations in conformity with [Section] 12.11 [300.231].
8.         Nursery schools, day nurseries and child care.
9.         Public utility buildings.
3.02C Accessory uses.
1.          Accessory buildings, structures and uses customarily incidental to and Primary Use or Approved Use which do not alter the character of the District, but not including any structure for dwelling purposes either temporarily or otherwise.
2.          Keeping of ordinary domestic household pets in reasonable numbers, providing that no animal maintained under this paragraph shall constitute a nuisance to the neighborhood by reason of noise, odor, sanitary conditions, or trespass.
3.          No accessory building shall be erected closer than' eight (8) feet from the side lot line or closer than [ten] (10) feet from any other building.
(Ord. No.6, Eff. May 1, 1981; Amend. of Mar. 11, 1997)
300.033         Minimum land area: Dwellings.
Sec. 3.03. Every dwelling hereafter erected shall be located on a parcel of land , not less than one (1) acre in area unless the parcel is hooked to a public sewer. Then the land area can be twelve thousand (12,000) square feet, and both the one (1) acre and twelve thousand (12,000) square feet parcels must have not less than ninety (90) continuous feet frontage with direct access· to and fronting same public highway and that all existing parcels be exempt to the one (1) acre in area when this amendment takes effect. In the case of Site Condominium Subdivision developments established under the Condominium Act, Public Act 59 of 1978, all lots are to have a ninety (90) continuous foot frontage on a roadway designated as a common element to the condominium and such common element roadway does in fact connect with a public highway with a minimum of sixty-six (66) foot frontage on a public road.
(Ord. No.6, Eff. May 1, 1981; Ord. No. 10, Eff. Sept. 16, 1983; Ord. No. 20, Eff. Apr. 9, 1990; Amend. Eff. Mar. 16, 1994; Amend. of May 13, 1997)
300.034         Minimum yard requirements.
Sec. 3.04.
3.04A Front yards: All buildings. The front line of every building hereafter erected shall be located not less than twenty-five (25) feet from the right-of-way line.
3.04B Side yards.
1.          Dwellings. Every dwelling hereafter erected shall have side yards on each side not less than eight (8) feet in width, except corner lots under Section 8.02G [300.132].
2.         Principal buildings other than dwellings under section 3.02B [300.032].
Every building hereafter erected shall have side yards on each side not less than eight (8) feet in width, provided that any building exceeding twenty-five (25) feet in height shall provide one (1) additional foot of side yard width on each side for each additional such foot in height.
3.04C Rear yards. All buildings shall have a rear yard of not less than twenty-five (25) feet, unless an exception is allowed under Section 8.02B [300.132].
(Ord. No.6, Eff. May 1, 1981)
300.035           Minimum floor area: Dwellings.
Sec. 3.05.
3.05A One-family.
1.          One-story. Everyone-story dwelling hereafter erected or altered shall have not less than seven hundred twenty (720) square feet of floor area at the first floor level, exclusive of any attached garage, porch, or other attached structure, unless prior special approval has been obtained from the Zoning Board.
2.          Two-story. Every two-story dwelling hereafter erected or altered shall have not less than seven hundred twenty (720) square feet of floor area at the first level, exclusive of any attached garage, porch, or other structure.
3.          Tri-level. Every tri-level dwelling hereafter erected or altered shall have a combined floor area of seven hundred twenty (720) square feet on any two (2) levels.
(Ord. No.6, Eff. May 1, 1981)
300.036           Height of buildings.
Sec. 3.06. Any building hereafter erected or altered shall not exceed a height of two and one-half (2 1/2) stories or thirty-five' (35) feet, whichever is less. The Township Zoning Board of Appeals may permit exceptions, but only upon determining the building can be properly protected by Township firefighting facilities.
(Ord. No.6, Eff. May 1, 1981)