*Ordinance #6 Zoning Districts and Map

(Ord. No.6)
300.020           ZONING DISTRICTS AND MAP
300.021         Classification of districts.
Sec. 2.01. For the purpose set forth in the Preamble, Berrien Township is hereby divided into the following Zoning Districts:
(a) Residential District, R-1
(b) Agricultural-Residential Districts, A-R (c) Mobile Homes Districts, M-H
(d) Commercial Districts, C-l
(e) Industrial Districts, I
(Ord. No.6, Eff. May 1, 1981; Ord. No. 14, Eff. Mar. 18, 1987)
300.022         Zoning districts map.
Sec. 2.02. The location of said Districts is shown on the "Official Zoning Districts Map of Berrien Township, Berrien County, Michigan," which map is hereby made a part of this Ordinance. Unless otherwise clearly indicated, the boundary lines of said Districts shall be interpreted as following along section lines, or customary division lines of sections, such as quarter and eighth lines, or the center lines of roads, highways and waterways, or railroad right-of-way lines, or the boundary lines of recorded plats or subdivisions, or property lines on record on the date of enactment of this Ordinance at the office of the Berrien County Register of Deeds, or the straight line projection of any said lines. All questions of the exact location of any boundary line not clearly shown on the map shall be determined, on written request, by the Zoning Board of Appeals consistent with the provisions of this ordinance.
(Ord. No.6, Eff. May 1, 1981)
Note-The Zoning Districts Map is not printed herein, but is available in the office of the Township clerk.