*Ordinance #6 Purpose and Limitations


(Ord. No.6)
300.010                      PURPOSE AND LIMITATIONS
300.011                      Title.




Sec. 1.01. This Ordinance shall be known as the Berrien Township Zoning Ordinance.
(Ord. No.6, Eff. May 1, 1981)
300.012         Purpose.
Sec. 1.02. The fundamental purpose of this Ordinance is to promote the public health, safety, peace, morals, convenience, and general welfare of the inhabitants of the Township.
The provisions of the Ordinance are intended to encourage the use of the lands and resources of the Township in accordance with their character and adaptabil­ity; to promote the economic progress of the Township, and establish guidelines for its orderly development; to reduce hazards to life and property, and provide protection from fire, safety in traffic, to stabilize and enhance property values, to provide in the interests of health and safety minimum standards under which certain buildings and structure may hereafter be erected, altered and used; to facilitate the development of economic systems of fire protection, sewage disposal, safe and adequate water supplies, education, transportation, and other public requirements; to conserve the use of funds for public improvements and services to conform with the most advantageous use of the lands, properties, and resources of the Township.
(Ord. No.6, Eff. May 1, 1981)